PS3 blinking red light - Fix PS3 in just 1 hour!

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If your PS3 is flashing red light error, it is obvious that needs a solution. But the question that remains is how can I fix the PS3 blinking red light error? Well, there are two ways to do this. Sending it back to Sony, or fix it yourself! If you want to know what is the best choice, read on!


Send a Sony console - It 'really as great as it sounds?

Most people have probably told you to send your Playstation 3 from Sony, butis really a good choice? Let's take a look at some statistics. Most PS3 users to wait for the flashing red light that had their Sony Playstation 3 will have sent at least 5 weeks to get back on their console. This is pretty long, eh? But wait, there's still more!

If during the warranty period has already expired, you need a big fat $ 150 - paid leave, for their work. So really it's not really a good option is not?

PS3 blinking red light problem solvingYou - Yes, yes, yes!

"Now we're talking about, but this is really great? Even if you do not know anything about the hardware?" This is a good question, but the fact is that people who knew nothing of hardware, have their PS3 blinking red light error correction in less than 1 hour. It 's easier than it looks. As long as you use a Playstation 3 Repair Guide, you can play your favorite game again today. This is not expensive, it is not to take the time and thisdangerous!

PS3 blinking red light - Fix PS3 in just 1 hour!

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