PS3 Red Screen Fix - Tips for correcting PS3

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The screen is a red PS3 problem with the message mentioned "a serious error has occurred. Contact Technical Support for assistance." What can you do to get a fix PS3 red screen? Now you can try one of the following suggestions!


Tips for getting a red screen correction PS3

Ensure that any loose cable if it is all coming back Disconnect all the cables, but the power cord and plug Take the hard drive and put it back in Try resetting the consoleCovered the console is in standby mode, press the power button for 5 seconds until it chimes twice

If none of these things, you have a serious problem. To set a PS3 to get a red screen, you are left with two options:
1) Enter the Sony console for repairs
2) Take a good repair guide and fix the screen PS3 PS3 red

Send your PS3 to Sony, this is a good idea if the console is under warranty, as Sonyno cost should be set for a PS3 and the screen red when you open the console will void your warranty. However, if the warranty has expired, you will be charged $ 150 - half the price of a new thin! Even those who send their consoles Sony (whether under warranty or not) wait for their PS3 will have 4-6 weeks to recover. In addition, it is deleted again with his memory ... save as you go, music, video, etc.

Attach yourself to the PS3cheaper and quicker for a person whose console is out of warranty is to get a good repair guide to get a fix PS3 PS3 red screen. Many good guides cost less than $ 50 and offer things like:

Step by step instructions with pictures and videos as well as those who have never had anything to do with electronics to figure out what to do
-A type of support (email support, members of the area or both) so you can ask for help if you encounter difficulties when they try to solve the console
Moneymoney back guarantee, so you can get your money back if it does not work.

Some repair manuals may also be PS3 PS3 hard drive data!

PS3 Red Screen Fix - Tips for correcting PS3

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