How to repair your PS3 system crashes and error codes

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If you want to fix a PS3, then you may be overwhelmed. This is understandable, as the PlayStation 3 is very complex and can have many problems. Freeze the PS3 system to repair or to die, you need a basic checklist before you go to something drastic. What follows will hopefully make your job easier and help you solve your problems.


First of all, if companies the repair of the PS3 system, it is important to do things with common sensefirst. This revision of the cable connections on the transport system. To this end, the power cable and audio-video system and use it again. If the PS3 does not freeze fix, then you need to check if the console has enough space to breathe and connected to a surge protector.

When these two solutions do not solve the problem, then you need to switch to other methods for solving problems. If the PS3 release of an error code LED and audio is thenshould either call Sony to get the definitions for them or see them on the Internet. This can help identify the problem and are working on a solution. If the error code is given only a general error code, then you must go to continue your diagnosis.

The PlayStation 3 is equipped with two LEDs that are red and yellow codes. Fix the PS3 system as quickly as possible, it is important to know what they mean. Red is a general hardware failure and overheating in the background, while yellow-relatedthe motherboard and hard drive failure. If you can not find what the cause of the problem, then you can easily fix your PS3 system.

A general hardware failure could mean a problem of overheating, thermal sensor is not faulty fans, faulty disk Blu-ray, or loss of Ethernet port. PS3 repair system is easier than with this error code associated with the yellow LED. The problems of the motherboard and hard disk indicate serious problems and can repair some PS3 systemmore difficult.

Replacing a hard drive is the easiest repair uses such as the PlayStation 3 portable hard drive storage class. Just buy a new one, tear the old, new slap, and you should be ready to go. If the problem is the motherboard then you may have a problem of sealing. This requires a little work 'more, but it is fixable.

He needs to stop time, patience and sensitivity to the PS3 system to be repaired. Allow not be fooled by the size and mass of the system,is quite fragile and easily damaged, if you're not careful. To resolve the PS3 system, you need a checklist like this to go slowly and methodically. Many systems have been saved by these methods lose, so he never gave up hope, for your console.

How to repair your PS3 system crashes and error codes

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