PS3 blinking red LED - 3 Tips for the correction of the red lights of death

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The PS3 has a tendency to lead to crashes, especially when there are a few things wrong. You would think that Sony would be the initiative in order to prevent this, we did. If your PS3 flashing red light when you turn it on and not boot up at all, then you have what is known as the red light of death. Here are three things you can do for the PS3 to be resurrected.


1 Wipe the console

If you have not dusted off yourConsoles, since it was bought, this is the right time to start thinking about it. You must separate the PS3. Many people hate or are afraid of this step as a feeling, could worsen the condition. To correct it, what you need is a cotton cloth to clean the CPU and other compartments. If there is a problem with powder to do this again and turning the console should fix the problem.

2 Search for contacts broken

After cleaning theConsole to check welds broke on contact. Usually this will be clear after cleaning the processor card. If yes, then you need to use the hair dryer. Would you like to contact the hair dryer to the breaking point. This is to make the alloy melts and re-establish contact.

3 Change the thermal paste

Also to see if the paste is dissolved. If yes, then you should change the thermal paste. Thispasta plastic or rubber, which is an important part of the heat in the console, protecting your hard drive and CPU goes up in flames. After reapplying the thermal paste to cool and turn on the console again.

PS3 blinking red LED - 3 Tips for the correction of the red lights of death

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