PS2 games on PS3 Slim to close early?

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Sony has set the backward compatibility for gaming PlayStation 1 (PSOne), the new PS3 Slim. It 'been since the 60GB PS3 play the ability, PlayStation 2 games on a PS3. Unfortunately you can not buy a 60 GB version of the world, as it was discontinued several years ago. Many people want to play for the PS3 Playstation two games, and you know what, this is possible and is likely to happen in the future on the system, let meto explain.


The system has the ability to play Playstation games two, if he wanted. Sony can easily be used to play PS2 software users in a software update for the PS3 Slim. It is not easy. The ability to play PS2 games on PS3 has been removed to continue to sell the PlayStation 2.

The reason that Sony has the ability to play PS2 games once in the first place, because the current generation consoles have been sold for a while '. Sony felt there was no reason to hold aPS2 on the market with the PS3 with backward compatibility for Sony PlayStation 2games then removed the ability for the PS3 to emulate PS2 games from PlayStation 2 to boost sales.

I truly believe that Sony can play, second-generation software on the new console in the future to add no more than once the old consoles sold, ie. I think it's something that we will see in the future, when the PlayStation 2 is expected not to exist, and oldGames playable on the system near you soon!

PS2 games on PS3 Slim to close early?

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