The best repair guides PS3

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PS3 home repair manuals have emerged everywhere these days, especially on the Internet. The Sony PS3 (short for PlayStation 3) has long been a popular game console. This is mainly due to its use more as a console to play games, a computer and a DVD player. However, like everything made ​​by man, the PS3 has sold out its share of drawbacks and mistakes are sure gamblers sometimes the dice when they happen.


Here we examine two ofGuides are available to set the PS3 at home. We will try to factors such as cost, simplicity, and the overall authority of the sector. A good self-help guides PS3 should be relatively inexpensive, it should be fairly easy to understand for non-technical users, and should have a certain air of authority to solve most problems that users have, while the PS3 project.

The repair wizard YLOD - This guide has a name that suggestsonly a guide to set one of the problems with the PS3. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reason this title was included because the YLOD is probably the most common problem with the PS3. In fact, this manual covers virtually every possible malfunction in the PS3. It also comes with video, to promote the text for ease of use . It boasts of having no computer experience to understand it. The cost of this guide is $ 34 and thus corresponds tothat the criteria also.

PS3 Lights Fix - This is also a comprehensive guide that covers almost every problem you could ever meet with the PS3. It also has step by step instructions that follow so easy for the non-techie, and is also available in PDF format. The PS3 Fix light guide is equipped with a video that has improved the text. This guide, however, goes a step further than other after-sales service and this is very important. ForFor this reason, this is probably the best guide for fixing your own PS3. The tour cost is $ 54, but it's worth it when you know that it is not at least $ 150 for Sony to repair costs for the device needed for weeks to see things is mentioned again. All in all, I rank this number a DIY guide for the PS3.

There are some things to consider when deciding if a home repair guide is for you: if the PS3 is still under warrantyfrom the factory, it's probably best to return the unit to Sony for repair. Secondly, there are a lot of statements that are just garbage, so you must use your due diligence when choosing a guide to home repairs.

The best repair guides PS3

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