[PSP Plugins] PSPStatesMenu v0.2

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For the PSP Go, Sony added a limited save state figure that let users save a game's current state and continue on from that exact point whenever they choose to do so. Dark AleX took that feature to a whole new level with his PspStates plugin. Instead of being limited to only one game and one save state slot, the plugin let users save up to nine save states for different games by way of different key press combinations.
Remember all those key combos can get a bit hard, so homebrew coder plum has made a menu system that makes the proces more convenient. Plum's PspStatesMenu plugin can be accessed by pressing Home and then the L and R triggers. There, a more user-friendly GUI lets you choose which slot to save in. Here are the controls while in the menu:
  • Circle - select a slot

  • Triangle - delete a save state

  • Cross - exit the menu

This download contains plum's menu plugin as well as Dark AleX's original PspStates plugin.

WUPLOAD (22.63 KB)

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