Giveaway July 6th: BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate

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We did not have lots of giveaways ever since the last Ghacks Christmas Giveaway ended with satisfied software companies and many happy winners of commercial software licenses. This changes today with a great giveaway. We were able to get unlimited licenses for the DVD disc backup and ripper BDLot DVD Clone Ultimate. More about the giveaway later, first, on to the software.
DVD Clone Ultimate is a dvd copying and backup software. The program supports all known copy protections which means it works on all types of video DVDs. More interesting and unique to that, is the gpu acceleration that the developers have implemented in the application, which can greatly improve the copying speed.
When you start the program for the first time, you will notice options to do a full dvd disc backup or a dvd title backup at the top.
bdlot dvd clone ultimate
DVD video information are automatically displayed whenever you enter a DVD into the dvd drive of the computer. Information about the DVD, including cover art, name, studio, director and performers are displayed in the interface automatically. In the best case, all you need to do do copy the dvd movie is to press the run button. The program takes care of the rest for you.
Having said that, some users might want to customize the selection before they start the process.
The default option is set to copy the selected title, usually the main movie, as a single mpeg2 file to the computer. All audio streams and subtitles will be automatically included in that rip. It is possible to change to a different dvd title. Even though there are checkboxes under audio streams and subtitles, it appears that it is not possible to uncheck select ones.
It is on the other hand possible to switch from copying the selected data to a single mpeg2, to copying DVD chapters, extracting the video or the audio only.
The display changes depending in the selection. If you select to copy DVD chapters for instance, you see all available chapter IDs of the selected title with options to select one, some or all chapters for extraction.
A switch to Full DVD Disc Backup displays the second option the program provides. Here it is possible to clone a video DVD to blank DVD, ISO or Video_TS folder.
Options are available to remove the source DVD’s region code, CSS encryption, UOPs and Disney’s fake. It is again super easy to clone the DVD. In best case, all you need to do is to click the run button. If you want to copy the video DVD directly to another DVD, you need to have two DVD drives to do that, obviously.
copy video dvd
The processing speed depends largely on the speed of the DVD drive or drives, the processor, computer memory and whether the video card can be used for gpu acceleration.


BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate is super easy to use, even for computer users who are not tech savvy. A click on Run is all they have to do in the best case possible, regardless of operation. The available options are easy to understand. All operations that one would expect from a program like this are available and easily configurable.
If there is something to criticize it is the inability to uncheck audio streams and subtitles before ripping a DVD title and that destination directories and burners are not saved before the program is closed.


Download here :
We have an unlimited number of DVD Clone Ultimate licenses. Just download the program from the developer website, and enter the license code BU-UPTTUXZZ-IXFXRX after installation to register it. The license can be used to register the DVD ripper before August 1.

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