My PS3 Fix Red Light Error - PlayStation 3 red lights of death, I can fix it?

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How can I fix my problem ps3 red light? You are the person who said this? Just press the power button is on your PlayStation 3 console and all of a sudden you get a red light error? This situation is really annoying. This error is due to the heat, and could easily be solved immediately, with a little help.


3 ways to correct my mistake PS3 red light.

1) The first option you have is to send to your PlayStation 3Sony In this way you can correct the problem ps3, although it will take at least 1 month, until you return to the console. Even if the warranty has expired, it will cost $ 150, - This is a lot of money, but we see the other options first!

Send your PlayStation 3 to the local shop, this is basically the same as option 1, this is only slightly different. This costs about $ 75, - and it takes 2-4 weeks to get the console.If you do not spend more money, and wait 2-4 weeks to hear, then you should really fix your PlayStation 3.

The last option you have is you set your PS3 red light error yourself. This may seem a bit 'strange, because you've never done before. But if you do not have a guide at your side, nothing can go wrong. Why spend $ 100 dollars in repair costs if it could really solve the problem yourself, right now, within aNow? PS3 red light fix the error yourself is really the best way to repair your PlayStation 3.

My PS3 Fix Red Light Error - PlayStation 3 red lights of death, I can fix it?

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