PS3 Blu-ray to solve problems

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PS3 has blu ray problems? It 'annoying, right? Want to play your games and suddenly can not play anymore because the PS3 has Blu Ray problems.


So ... Now there is a question left ... You can solve the problem? To solve the problems the PS3 Blu Ray, you can do two things.

1 Send your Sony console
2 Attach the same troubleshooting.

Fix My Sony PS3 Blu-ray problems?

If you do this, you mustkeep in mind two things. It will cost you a lot of money, and it will take several weeks before being fixed. Let me tell you some more details on this topic.

If you send your console from Sony, you have to wait for 2-6 weeks. The waiting time is high, because the costs of shipping and shipping. You also have to pay $ 150 but this is only necessary if the warranty has expired.

Fix My PlayStation 3 Troubleshooting by yourself?

In fact, if you want myOpinion ... This is the best option you have. That's because it's cheap, fast and easy to repair, if you use a Playstation 3 Repair Guide.

We strongly recommend that if you want to do, take a PlayStation 3 repair guide. This is because it gives you the step-by, who are also coming along with very detailed step photos. Finally, it is necessary because you know what would need to be improved.

PS3 Blu-ray to solve problems

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