PS3 YLOD Fix - Fix My Yellow Light of Death error on Playstation 3

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YLOD PS3 got the error? Want the yellow light of death error to be gone? There are basically two ways to get rid of problems like these, however, one option could be the winner. The options are:


1 Send a Playstation 3 from Sony.
2 Attach the yellow light of death error even with a repair guide.

Sony PS3 YLOD Fix?

If these options sound like this ... Well ... Right? Well, let me tell you something ... It is not ... Want to know why? Because ofTwo reasons why a lot of questions. The price and waiting time.

See if you can actually send the console from Sony, you have to pay them $ 150 if your warranty has expired. In addition, it is literally wait for weeks before you can get your PlayStation 3 back.

There are usually 2-4 weeks, you have to wait, but many people have had to wait for more than 1 month.

PS3 YLOD to me with a repair guide fix it?

Basically this is the bestOption because it is cheap and fast is a simple YLOD Ps3 be fixed, if you use a Playstation 3 Repair Guide. And 'strongly recommended to use a repair manual ... Because ... It takes essentially all the guesswork. It contains the instructions step by step and very detailed images of the yellow lights of death error.

If you do not pay $ 150 because you have to spend a few dollars on the repair guide. Also, do not wait weeks. In fact,And 'high probability that the PS3 will fix YLOD made ​​within 1 day or within 1 hour.

PS3 YLOD Fix - Fix My Yellow Light of Death error on Playstation 3

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