PS3 Sound Problem - Solve easily

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Once the PS3 audio problems? Your PS3 hums while working or no sound? No matter, you will learn to identify the sound problems PS3, and how to solve in this article.


First, identify problem PS3 sound. One of the easiest ways to get PS3 sound problem to identify is to remove all cables connected to the PS3. And then try to connect each wire individually. For example, in the first place, to connect a set Home Cinema, and see ifThere are sounds, or how it works. Then switch to the TV and see how it works.

Then fix your PS3 sound problem. Once you see how the audio problems have caused, you must understand how to solve the problem accordingly.

Take for example the cable, the upper end of the TV and audio equipment, audio and video cables higher degree, you must use. Some players have reported that their problems simply set the PS3 audio cables high quality ones. By the way,make sure the new cable is connected correctly and securely at both ends.

Widespread, the problem solved PS3 sound is to change the options in the settings of the PS3. First, turn the console on the back. Then you run it. Hold your finger up and switch on the front panel. Wait a few seconds, two beeps and a second double beep.

Set the console in "Entertainment". Find the "Digital I / 0" options. Set the SPDIF to "Dobly Digital / DTSSPDIF-in decoding by default "instead.

A good way to fix the PS3 audio problem, followed by a PS3 Repair Guide. There is a detailed step-by-step instructions to repair most of the possible errors of the PS3. Moreover, the price of this guide is not high, even cheaper than a PS3 game disc.

The last thing to do to fix the PS3 problems may seem, Sony is sent to repair center. You pay $ 150 plus tax and shipping costs for repair and wait4-6 weeks for his return. Who can do without for long-term survival PS3?

For your information, Rob Sheffield PS3 Lights Fix one of the best repair guides on the market guide. And 'well-written, easy to understand and above all effective.

PS3 Sound Problem - Solve easily

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