PS3 or Xbox 360 - what should I do?

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PS3 and Xbox 360 are like most players, but the views and opinions which differ from person to person especially for the quality of the hardware game. PS3 and Xbox 360 are the next generation of gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft, and are very popular, as both consoles have great features. But the debate has an advantage that is difficult.


Game console Xbox 360 was first offered and games for PS3 launch faster> PS3. Besides the advantage that a variety of games, the highlight was the factor price of the Xbox 360, which was lower than the PS3, and Xbox 360 as a result was able to achieve good sales. PS3 had its own memorable features to play game, excellent graphics and a library of games such as the volumes of the Xbox 360.

The PS3 hardware is superior to the Xbox, the PS3 had built in addition to WiFi, Ethernet port Gigabyte Network connection to play online and a built-in Web browser, Web sites are visited and allows playback of videos on Youtube. Xbox 360 also features Ethernet connectivity, as well as Wi-Fi can also be added. PS3 wireless controller with a built in rechargeable battery charges via USB port, while Xbox 360 is a standard DVD player. PS3 support Blu-Ray high-definition film, while the Xbox 360 does not encourage non-high-definition movies, linking them> PS3.

PS3 hard drives with higher capacity, but a higher capacity hard drive is necessary because most of these games can be installed on your hard drive and the hard drive and can be easily upgraded without any hindrance. Models of the Xbox 360 with component cables, which are ready to come with high dimension, while the PS3 has a regular AV cable and HDMI cable or component of relevance must be purchased separately. Xbox 360 headset offers an attachment for the controller thatmakes it easy to chat with friends online, while the PS3 has no headset, but the blue tooth can be used to chat. However, it looks elegant compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3 seem deaf.

Xbox 360 head in 2007 with a definitive advantage in a simulated console, while the PS3 was less than the Xbox 360 version. But recently, the PS3 has great games and ultimately, with exclusive games, so that both Game consoles have in abundance. But in India, only 65% ​​of games available, despite the fact that the games are started only after a few weeks the international launch. Xbox 360 offers an online multiplayer can be played all over the world and this is known as the Xbox Live service, and is a paid service, is free while on the other PS3 online. However, the Xbox Live has more than enough features and the PS3 online service is a mature, but> PS3 is catching up, in addition to online games shows great improvement. In contrast the PS3 online service is more robust than Apple's Internet properties used in comparison to Xbox Live using P2P connection and the connection to the host, which is frustrating sometimes freezes.

Xbox 360 is unreliable pieces of hardware that had lead to a hardware failure known as the RROD, and that the warranty period, Microsoft has increased to 3 years, while the PS3RROOD refers to any such problems. However, we recommend the purchase of a call shop, to ensure that offers a lot. Buy game consoles from the gray market is strictly a point, while the end of May to save some money, can not be guaranteed the best product.

PS3 or Xbox 360 - what should I do?

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