NASCAR 2011: The Game - Review

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Be the experience of a steak baked and burnt rubber is nothing less than spectacular. And all this can now from the comfort of your own home with the game NASCAR 2011 will be living. But the game is being developed Eutechnyx worth playing?



The first thing players will notice is the menu. This is truly one of the best menus I've ever done. The garage in the background and access to network cards in my store has direct experience of NASCAR. AExperience a variety of ways, as a career, running fast and online games. Now, normally I would say that is the career mode, where the mileage is, but this time I can not work.

Career mode lets you play as yourself or one of the famous NASCAR Sprint Series driver 43. As you race you earn experience that can be accommodated in new sponsorships or unlock additional content, usually an event or tournament invitation color scheme. The sponsorship is a nice touch. Arrested after a couple of decent isattract the interest of the main sponsors. Put their logo on the car is pre-set criteria for additional bonuses to unlock, as a race for 10 laps. And while the sponsorship is a great idea, it is only with regard to the career mode supports only one season, it's all hard earned respect after the 36st race, but lost is not great.


Fortunately, the crème de la crème is on track and in this sense, NASCAR 2011 does not determine the game very well. Race with 43 other carsFighting for every inch of the track is an unparalleled experience.

During the game, the game does a stellar job will keep you abreast with the world around you. At the bottom of the screen the HUD provides a clear view of the surrounding cars. And the tires and fuel for the indicators are there until the end of the race. Trust me, I'm running, where the tires fall off a cliff of a sudden, what about the inevitable sting.

This is both good and bad, because whileIt adds a strategic element for the beautiful execution lacks subtle hints. Tires tend to fall pretty hard and every car is damaged more brutal. I have a race where the car was pulling to the left and counter-steering me through the whole thing seen - really exhausting!

In addition, the tactical positioning of the front end. These cars are very strong, so that the entry into a corner makes the difference between ending in a huge swabble or reach the finish lineunharmed.

If you make a mistake or decide to go down the road, there's always the chance to pit. Appears in the window of a small screen pass options for refueling or tire changes. The only downside is that the player pulls directly from the dip-switches and cam on a flight until the rear car on the track.

The same can be said to warn about. These flags, which provide a safety car situation, add a great game to win every race. In the game, not fromToo often (fortunately?), But they do work, although it would have been nice to stay in the car throughout the whole thing was.

Reasons for which often do not have to come, probably to do with the AI. They tend to go very clean and not get caught too often in any other tracks. If you approach an obstacle (presumably you) have a solid job in trying to avoid that, though it fails when in large packs. Do not expect anything like the real thing, though. The two cars shotPhenomenon, where one is the oppressor, is certainly something that can not see in the game. The same can be said of drafting strategic packages or slings. But for the most part the AI ​​is very satisfactory.

Ultimately, these elements integrate tactical sport that is NASCAR, and in general have implemented very well and are close to delivery is known for running the sport, Eutechnyx well done!


So, how to drive these cars? To find out, IA G27 is connected to the PS3 version of the game, and ground his teeth in a matter of fact I was a bit 'worried about the first. See a large oval Banking and come to know that the wheel is connected to 3,500 pounds of aluminum very well with me. And after so many rounds of courage and content, I can not say that is absolutely what it says on the tin.

This V8 muscles are heavy and you feel that way. Change of direction is hard to punish rookies entering the corner. Contrary toYou might think that the smaller ovals are, what we really are.

Equally important is for each narrow oval brake disabled. The balance between the high and soft pedal pressure is so great as light and day. Aggressive drivers will surely find the car is dancing under the pressure, in order to pray for the next attacker.

As I said before the damage adds the thrill of racing. Any contact with the wall and you could find the car pulls to one side. More difficult to contact is violatedTransmission. The damage is both visually pleasing and mechanically, but never willing to break the car completely. Even the worst effects are not automatic in the race, the only dent in the system expires.

To avoid damage to change the configuration a little self ', perhaps. Players can (car tuned for each breed) in a standard configuration or choose to be engineers. Budding engineers can begin simply with a few sliders to change the output,Tires and transmission, among other things. I really appreciate that most of this simplified method of production configurations. Not everyone, however, and the game throws all kinds of optimization of the mix. I can not confirm, but I can imagine that it is on par with the real world, NASCAR! And the best part is that all these efforts to pay during the race, both cars and wear stability.

I can not deny that I'm a fan of Eutechnyx when it comes to gameplay and not disappoint them again. With all means ofAnd 'maybe some' timid, a full sim, but it is demanding and the configuration is working perfectly. Just as easily do a good job in offering a pick up and play experience for everyone in this new sport.


With the management aced most likely image fantastic online battles, fighting night and drove up the tires to the absolute limit, either. Online games are often behind the image we have in our heads, because the close race that can not bedone with mutual respect. Unfortunately, and I can not blame the developers of these races gives a perfect oval Bump and Ghost Riders. I can only say that of all the races I've ever had, I'm not done with a sense of satisfaction and content.

On the positive side I have not seen a lot of mistakes in the online system itself, although I have heard complaints from other users. So, if you know a fair few gems that make for a race, go for it! ButMost cyclists, unfortunately, is the lack of ability / willingness to globally characterize this mode useless.


NASCAR 2011 is the game for Wii (May 24), PS3 and Xbox 360. The last two variants are identical to each other and is the version we used for this review.

The current generation is on its last legs, and it shows. The graphics, while behind the vehicle 43, the best we have seen in this genre. The track looks very flat objectsand do a poor job in conveying the belief that it is part of a larger world. On the other hand, the cars look great and can be really fun to read at times, back-end car commercials.

Also surprisingly good are the shows before the race. Among these hawks flying in the air and fireworks, as the cars pass through the pit straight, things you would expect in a real NASCAR race. But unfortunately the in-car experience live up to the dive.

This is not particularly helped bysound. No matter which view in the engine always sounds the same. It lacks a rough edges and overall clean. Less clear is the sound of spotters. This director in the sky to help the driver get the best lines, and holds it until the day before swabbles. In the game, but must repeat the need to annoy and confuse, in spectacular short periods. He feels particularly the need to repeat, "go ahead" when driving on an island for many laps. I believe that furtherOptimizations and a few additional lines would greatly help the implementation of spotters.


NASCAR 2011, the game is the first of the series and shows. In addition, the graphics suffer to 43 cars at any time. Yet, the race itself is large and offer a lot of pleasure, even if you are not familiar with the sport. The correct implementation of the damage, tire wear and fuel consumption compliments this function.

The biggest problem in my eyes is the factYou might find it rewarding to race. Online is a hit or miss and the career mode is not only accelerate. And for this reason, the power to extend the biggest change, then we recommend this title only for the biggest fan of NASCAR or the purest racers.

NASCAR 2011: The Game - Review

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