0-G Sokoban [FINAL] (*ZERO GRAVITY*)

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Release date : 2011
0-G Sokoban is a fun, laid back casual puzzle game that anyone can play and enjoy.
A classic Puzzle game originating in Japan meets a futuristic space-exploration theme!
Go from puzzle to puzzle teasing & challenging your brain.

The rules of Sokoban are very easy:
1. Only one box can be pushed at a time.
2. A box cannot be pulled.
3. The player cannot walk through boxes or walls.
4. The number of boxes is equal to the number of designated storage locations.

*Enjoy 125 levels of addictive brain teasers in this fun Puzzle game.
*Test your logic and figure out how to move the cubes to their designated area.
*Use the Undo or Restart buttons if you get in a bind.
*Challenge yourself with fewer moves or faster times.
*No time limit and an easy game mechanic allow anyone to pick up and play.
*All the fun of classic Sokoban but in *ZERO GRAVITY (0G)

File size : 19 MB

Download :

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