Trading Post Items - Monday 12th September 2011

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This weeks items on 40kBitz Trading Post are:

ellis_deacon at hotmail dot com - Ellis from 40kBitz

1. Squad of Chaos Space Marines cleaned of previous paint scheme with lots of bitz (pics available on request)
2. 11 man squad of metal Legion Of The Damned (1 started to paint, 9 just base coated)
including Legion of the Damned Squad (5 man)
Damned Legionnaires 1
Damned Legionnaires 2
Damned Legionnaire with Heavy Flamer
Damned Legionnaire with Multi-melta

1. Space Ork Items (let me know what you have got.

The Trading Post has been set up to let UK based gamers to help each other out, here you can TRADE items that you no longer need, don't want or are no longer using, for those bitz, models and figures you really need.

Please send emails to 40kBitz Trading Post with details of your items you wish to trade.

Please keep emails simple and to the point, and please limit the items you wish to trade and want to five items each, this will keep things simple.

For example:

Joebloggs at hotmail dot com

1. 3 times space marine left arms (new)
2. Rhino Doors (Base Coated)
3. Predator Turret Bits (new)

1. AOBR Ork bodies
2. Tyranid Scything Talons (Large)

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