How to fix the PS3 not reading games - PlayStation 3 Make Your problems disappear!

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If you have a PS3, the games have not read, then it is obvious that something is wrong, but what? How do you know what's wrong with the PlayStation 3? It 'easy to determine what is wrong, especially with a PS3, do not read and children's pool. It has to do with your PS3 Blu-ray lens. And 'high probability that it is dusty and needs fixed, if you play a game or watching a movie will be again.


Some suggestions for fixing the PS3 does not readGames

1) Start the PlayStation 3

2) Check for loose cables. If so, put it back in and restart the PS3 again.

3) Put your hard disk and insert it again.

4) Delete all your saved games and install files. Delete everything that has to do with your games.

Nothing went wrong? Oh .. do not it a shame? You should always read the hard way to solve your PS3 games to be a problem .. Take the last 2You have options.

You can connect the console to Sony. That could be a good idea, let them solve your problem PS3 sound, but look at this. First, we will send you a shipping box - it takes 1 week. Then you have to send it again, this is a week, then it is the repair phase lasts two weeks. And then send it back to you again, you must wait 5 weeks! Even if you do not have the guarantee, you have to pay $ 150 for repair.Rather expensive for a small correction like this.

Solve the problem of PS3 games have not even read!

I would recommend you do this because it is not as difficult as it seems. It could be done in a day and does not cost much ($ 25). As long as you use a guide to help you, should solve a problem for you on your PS3 not reading games problem!

Why wait 5 weeks and pay $ 150 for Sony to fix the problem for you if you can solve enoughnow? As I said before, if you use a repair manual, it should not be a problem, solve the problem yourself.

How to fix the PS3 not reading games - PlayStation 3 Make Your problems disappear!

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