Hobby News - Games Workshop Citadel Finecast Warhammer 40k - First Impressions

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Games Workshop Citadel Finecast
Space Marine Techmarine with Servitors.
 As I mentioned earlier today, I was off to my local GW store to buy myself one of the new Citadel Finecast models, so off we went to Kettering our local store, I was pleased to see the store actually buzzing, with loads of people painting and playing but mostly buying! these things were literally flying off the shelves, I couldn't believe it.

So anyway, I grabbed myself the Space Marine Techmarine & Servitors Set, the set was £25.50, so a little pricey, but hey what the heck I was treating myself, the first thing I noticed when I picked up the box was how light it was. 
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