Dead Space 2: Limited Edition [MULTI2/Repack]

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Release Date : 2011
Action Dead Space 2 takes place three years after the first part, on a space station called Sprawl. Initially, the game Isaac finds himself in a hospital at the station, where he witnesses the horrors that occur due to infection Nekromorfov. Equipped with an arsenal of various appliances, Isaac must deal with all problems.

In his arsenal of sawn and dismembering of large expected completion, the solution of puzzles and traveling in zero gravity will not disappear, the number of characters in the second plan will increase, well above - now Isaac is not just fighting for its survival, but we can say save the galaxy from spontaneously spreading infection. None of the universe better than war-defender, able to resist this cosmic contagion. 
"Chaos in the city. The game world became larger and more diverse. Now is not the space station, but a city with rich and poor residential areas, shops, schools and even churches.
"Overcoming their fear. Everywhere the player will wait an incredibly dangerous and scary creatures - as already known and yet unknown, and the latter may surprise their abilities and vitality.
"The Many Faces of revenge. Arsenal of weapons of dealing with nekromorfami replenished with new kinds of powerful weapons, so that the player will be able to find a way to destroy or put to rout any enemy. Now you can even send enemies into space, breaking a hole in the casing of the station!
"Isaac omnipotent. A new protective suit will move much faster than the hero, and even overcome gravity. The player will explore a large space city, even to the remotest corners of it, to master the skills on the battlefield in weightlessness and solve puzzles based on the laws of physics.
"Wall to wall. The game features multiplayer mode via the Internet, in particular the fight will be the teams - the people against nekromorfov.

System requirements: 
- Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7
- Processor: 2,8 GHz
- RAM: 1 GB for XP, 2 GB for Vista 7
- Free hard drive space: 10 GB
- Video: 256 MB c support for Shader Model 3.0;
- file system: NTFS

Features Repack'a:
• Repack with license
• Video reaped 50%
• Sewn CrackFix of FLT
• by Russian / English
• Installing additional software
• Run through the shortcuts on the desktop / start menu
Game size : 4.28 GB 
Download :

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