Warhammer 40k Space Orks AOBR Nobz & Warboss With Attack Squig Done

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As some of you may be aware I have been painting a few Space Orks just for fun.
Having now completed  the AOBR Warboss I now moved onto the five AOBR Nobz I also had.

Additionally I had bought an old metal Ork Warboss with Attack Squig for a couple of pounds from ebay.

Over the past couple of days I have been working on these, and have finished them to a standard I would be happy to field them on a table, the only thing is I've enjoyed painting these so much that I went and bought the codex and I am now planning on building my collection of Orks up, into a nice sized Ork Warband of the Goff Clan.

So anyway, here are the AOBR Nobz and the Ork Warboss with attack squig that I have done so far.

When painting these models I decided to follow the painting guide "Painting Orks" I had on my Resources Page combined with the "Assault on Black Reach Painting Guide" using these two excellent resources I think I manage to pull off a reasonable looking bunch of Orks.

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