Quick Update

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Just a quick update on Roguish-

-My last round of art from Mr. Luschek is complete so I have all I need 

-My wife has finished her artwork for my game so that's all done too!

-I am now working on the HEXPLORE portion of the rules and tables.

Why have this? Well I think its an important part of gaming and for a new referee could be just the ticket for helping to create their own land or adventures. 

I intend on sticking with the Pocket Full of Peril adventure designs (see them on my Sword & Shield Blog).  While longer megadungeon or modules are certainly possible, I think having adventures tied to an evening of fun is easier for new players or adult players with little free time to use.  These will be the only kind I will produce, but I will be interested to see what others make once the rule books come out. 

I am still torn between 2 or 3 main books.  I know one will be a Referees Resources book, but I could see one with fighters and rogues, and a separate one for Wizards with spells.  Or I could see one with all the classes and spells etc, with the demi-humans getting their own book.  In this way a referee could run a human only game with demi-humans as major race opponents-or could skip them as playable races altogether.

Well my Far Trek RPG  is complete, so back to my Rogue's work.

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