PS3 will not turn on - What to do to fix your PS3

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To help you get into the mood of your game and try to turn on the PS3, but soon realize that nothing happens. It is a very common problem and the PS3 only options you have to solve is to call or Sony and send them or do it yourself.


The only problem with the first option is that Sony will take about 2 months to solve this little problem and they charge about $ 120. This problem usually is not too much dust in your HDD (hard disk drive) andPower cord.

How To Make My PS3?

First, you must carefully remove the computer to the PS3 hard drive, which should be dusty. Set up and put it back on, you should check to see if the power cord is still running. This is easy to do, just replace the computer's power cable for the PS3. If your computer properly, replace the PC cable into the PC and the cable for PS3 to PS3. Oncedone, turn off the PS3 and everything should work.

If you are not sure how to properly do the above steps to restore the hard drive and wipe the inside right, you should look for a step by step instructions. There are many available online and the best part is that they are corrections to the problems of other PS3 so if you have never had another problem, can fix in a jiffy, without forking hundreds of dollars for Sony.

PS3 will not turn on - What to do to fix your PS3

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